Michelle O’Neil has contributed to A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism, and Special Gifts: Women Writers on the Heartache, the Happiness and the Hope of Raising a Special Needs Child. She has written for Literary Mama, The Imperfect Parent, Age of Autism, Cool Cleveland, and Hopeful Parents.

She is a former radio news reporter/editor and her pieces have been featured during NPR's Morning Edition on WAMU in Washington, DC.

"Michelle O'Neil is a true writer, dedicated to sharing her story and experience with others. To read her work is to be inspired.  She is a truly perseverant spirit."  –JENNIFER LAUCK, author of New York Times Bestseller, Blackbird, Still Waters, Show Me the Way and Found.  

“DAUGHTER OF THE DRUNK AT THE BAR is beautifully written and wonderfully tender as it allows the reader a peek into the jarring life of a young daughter struggling to make sense out of her crazy world. The heroine is quirky, filled to the brim with hope, and wise beyond her years.” 
—MONICA HOLLOWAY, author of Cowboy & Wills and Driving with Dead People

"Michelle O'Neil is a grand gorgeous HEARTBREAKING writer. You should go and buy this book, curl up with this book, fall in love with this girl writer and shout her name from the rooftops." -AMY FERRIS, author of Marrying George, Confessions of a Midlife Crises and co-editor of Dancing at the Shame Prom, sharing the stories that kept us small.

"Michelle O'Neil has written an honest, brave, funny, heartbreaking, and ultimately triumphant book. You will love her as Janie, a little girl born on the wrong side of the tracks with the right set of gifts that carry her up and away from it all, and into your heart. Forever." -CARRIE WILSON LINK, author of Wil of God, embracing the relentless love of a special child.

How does one escape the legacy passed down by a damaged, alcoholic father? Fortunately, Michelle O Neil was born with enough spunk and sass to rebel against what was modeled for her. As she comes of age through the chaos of her family's dynamics, she looks for fleeting glimpses of hope, and manages to find God in small, ordinary moments. A charming and engaging read, you’ll be cheering for her every step of the way.

Media Relations, Moms Demand Action (for gun regulation), L.A.
Author, Dancing at the Shame Prom's Geekmom says of Daughter at the Drunk at the Bar: "touching," "heartwrenching," and "devoured it overnight."

Author Exposure recommends Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar "to any of us needing a reminder of the strength of an indomitable spirit," and says, "Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar will deliver."