Sunday, November 27, 2011

White Elephants Review

Great review of Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar at Chynna Laird's White Elephants blog!

I don't know Chynna, and have not read her books, (yet) but I respect her for tackling tough subjects, such as  bi-polar within the family and other stigma laden issues in her work. I've sometimes struggled with whether or not to share the very personal things I wrote about in my book, but ultimately I feel things must be talked about and brought out into the open in order for shame to be lifted.

Chynna seems to be on the same path. She also has a child with sensory processing issues, so we have that in common. I look forward to exploring her work.

Chynna T. Laird

Author of "White Elephants" 
Author of 'Blackbird Flies" (Now available on all online eBookstores)

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