Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar Goes on Vacation!

It started when my friend Betsy left a copy of Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar in a hotel library in France(above). She loved the idea of someone a world away being compelled to pull it off the shelf and then finding connection with my story.   

And then Melly, she went on vacation to my old stomping grounds, Washington DC. This is what she wrote when she posted the photo on Facebook... "Released this book on the orange line and said a prayer that the person who needs it will find it." How sweet is she? We both thought it kind of cool that "Daughter" wound up in DC, in real life and on Melly's vacation. The orange line was always my favorite. "Next stop, Rosslyn!"

Elizabeth Aquino left a copy at The China Peak Inn, near Yosemite, where she waited to pick up her son from summer camp. The copy she left had a sweet view of The Sierra Nevadas (at least 'til someone finds it).

Carrie Link reports she left a copy in La Pine, Oregon while she was on vacation. 

And I left a copy in the hotel I stayed at last weekend in upstate NY, for my in-laws 50th anniversary. She's overlooking a beautiful golf course. 

There are still a few places Daughter is headed. I'll keep you posted. Is it okay to be jealous that my book is more well traveled than I am? 

Thanks to all who are taking part in her excellent adventure. This is really fun. If you'd like to take Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar on vacation with you, and leave her for someone to find, let me know. I still have a few copies left for this purpose. 


  1. Perfectly natural to be jealous. I'm jealous, too. Sorry I didn't snap a photo of the Best Western in La Pine! Then you REALLY would have been jealous!

  2. This is wonderful! Good to see your story making its way across the country.

    I often leave books -- on the airplane, at the restaurant -- after I have read them. Always I wonder who picks 'em up, who enjoys them, and do the readers pass them on to anonymous others?